Our Story

Summer is coming and the cozy evenings are approaching. Luke-warm temperatures at the end of the day are great, but let’s be honest: luke-warm drinks are certainly not. This inconvenience spurred Silvan von Arx to start CoolDownDrink, an efficient and extremely attractive solution to the dilemma of luke-warm drinks. He is a scientist at the Competence Center for Thermal Energy Storage.
Together with his wife Ibolya he founded the startup SCALORIC. The small company specializes in unique drinking glasses, which have the ability to cool drinks and keep them cold without dilution.

We are a Swiss startup who develop, produce and sell our own products. We focus on products with thermal storage and heat transfer properties. Our specialization is the practical use of Phase Change Material – PCM. We use the latent heat of PCM for heating and cooling. The phase transition of PCM from liquid to solid is used to store thermal energy. There are many fields which can be optimised trough Phase Change Materials. If there is a need for some thermal energy storage, PCM is a likely solution:

  • PCM can be used to have a higher thermal energy capacity in the given volume
  • Or even reduce the volume while keeping the same thermal energy capacity
  • Achieve constant temperatures
  • Increased application performance through constant temperatures

We are always looking for new ways of using PCM-technology.