Cool down your drink without dilution
CoolDownDrink is a registered trademark and brand of SCALORIC

Our special drinking glasses have the ability to cool liquids and keep them cold without diluting them. This preserves the true taste. The glasses are double-walled filled in the cavity with a phase change material which changes from solid to liquid and thereby cools at a constant temperature level with high performance. A special highlight is the optics of the glasses – the crystalline structure in the cavity changes during the melting.

  • Fast cooling
  • No dilutinon
  • Made from high qualitiy borosilicate glass
  • Mouth blown glasses
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Food grade liquid
  • Used for different applications on different temperature levels
    • Drinks cool down from room temperature to 6°C in 5 minutes
    • Shots cool down to minus 7°C
    • Dessert-Cups to keep your dessert cold longer. It is great for sorbet and icecream.